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e-Blast Animation: A Day in the Life

I created this promotional animation for a non-profit radio network's pledge drive. It was sent out as an e-Blast, and resulted in about 50% higher click-through rates. I used GoAnimate, Premiere Pro, and Audition.

Book Trailer: Little Girl Lost

I made this book trailer for a novelist to promote her book online. I used Premiere Pro, and photoshop. I composited the picture of the litle girl with the bear from several different Creative-Commons licensed images.

Whiteboard Video: Green Bay News Network

This whiteboard video is for a local social networking hub for businesses. I created it using GoAnimate, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and used Audition to record and edit the VO.

Video: The Trouble with Gamma Omicron

This is part one of a short documentary about a teen with Aspberger's Syndrome who creates his own Star Trek Fan Films. I shot it on a Canon Vixia camcorder and added rotoscope effects and edited in Premiere Pro. I edited the soundtrack in Audition.

Animation: Uncanny Valley

Short animated sitcom (proof of concept/just for fun; take your pick) created using GoAnimate, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. I voiced both characters.

Video: Arcade! The Musical

Vacation video shot on a Nikon D3200 and edited using Premiere Pro and Audition. My daughter is the first kid you see. I shot it run-and-gun style while she and her friends were on a quest for tickets/trinkets. And it's not really a musical.

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